Hello, world!

I'm V360, a person that has no idea what they're doing. I make stuff in HTML5, SmileBASIC, PICO-8, C#, and Love2D.


This is a fully-customizable new tab page. It has Reddit and Tumblr integration too, so you can automatically get your favorite posts as your background every time you open a tab.

Create Four

Have you ever wanted to program for a computer whose only output* is a 7x6 4-color Connect Four board that defies gravity? No? Too bad, here's exactly that.

Love2D SmileBASIC Library

Ever wanted to port over some games or applications from SmileBASIC, but didn't know where to start? This is a small helper library that provides numerous tools to help you do just that! Make sprites, backgrounds, text screens, and animations with ease!

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