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What is Create Four?

Create Four is a not-quite-fantasy-console equipped with a dpad, one button, a 3-color 7x6 screen, and three customizable text labels. Yes, the game's box art is the screen.

Remember: if you don't know what a bit of code does, don't paste it here and run it! I'll improve the security soon.

How do I use the screen?

The screen has 4 colors. It used to be 3, but there weren't any high contrast colors, so I fixed that.

  1. Clear
  2. Red
  3. Yellow
  4. Black
  • clearPixels([color]);
  • setColor(color);
  • color = getColor();
  • setPixel(x, y[, color]);
  • color = getPixel(x, y);
  • setRect(x, y, width, height[, color[, fill]]);
  • text(s, x, y[, color]);

How do I use the buttons?

The buttons are stored in an array named "button[]" with 5 indexes. The button array values are not simply boolean values, they start at 0 and go up the longer you press them.

  1. Up
  2. Down
  3. Left
  4. Right
  5. Space

How do I change the text labels?

  • setInfo(title, subtitle, author);

What else is there?

  • resetTime();
  • time = getTime();
  • boardFor(function(i, j) { code });

Also some helper functions

  • array = Array2D(width, height);
  • result = picoSine(angle);
  • result = picoCosine(angle);
  • result = randInt(max);
  • result = mod(number, max);

Any more plans for this?

  • Maybe an RGB mode?????
  • Colorblind palette

Thanks for using Create Four!

By V360 (@TheV360gameDev)